Tug Of War – Decent Eye Glasses Frames Vs Elegant Contact Lenses

Today nearly 7 out of 10 individual suffer from either far or long sightedness. And it’s very difficult to opt between trendy eye glasses frames or modish contact lenses to go for corrective lenses. Since I have experienced both side of the story, I might as well be the right person to discuss the pros and cons of both.

The biggest and primary advantage of contact lenses is that it doesn’t hide your face and neither do they get dirty, smudged or broken like glasses do. Further, once they are on, I don’t have to take care of them until I remove them and I can put on my sunglasses as well. Since I love sports, I always felt that contact lens were a savior, I don’t have to take care of my glasses from falling down. Also I was able to change my look in a whole new way by wearing colored contact lenses. But I did suffer from irritation and dryness due to contact lenses. And for some people it might be cause of infection too. Besides I went for disposable contact lenses so I found it more expensive than eye glasses frames as I have to dispose them frequently for new ones, and the maintenance involved in keeping contact lenses clean by buying cleaning solution was like a cherry on top, as far as expenses go. I found it very tedious to put the contact lenses on and off daily and the slipping of lens irritated me too. After wearing contact lenses I have to be more cautious about the outings and weather changes, too much of sunlight and outings like bonfire or standing near some barbeque or grill gives a burning sensation in the eyes due to the contraction of lenses which may lead to infection and eventually blindness.

So, to cut a long story short, I guess it’s up to you to decide to go for glasses frames or contact lenses. Keeping in mind the budget, the boring job of putting lenses on and off and the precautions that are to be taken care of, I switched to eyeglasses. Although there is a problem of smudging, fogging, etc. but the new trends have given some stylish and decent eyeglasses that are superior to contact lenses and easy to use.

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Trending Eye Glasses Frames and Contact Lenses

With a flurry of people going in for corrective lenses, either glasses frames or lenses, the following post might help narrow down your choice of selection. While selecting eyeglass I look for a few parameters like the structure and shape of face to match with the size of glasses frames, the skin tone of face should be in contrast to glasses also the frame should rest on your face with respect to your eyebrows in an appropriate manner. Eyeglass frames follow the same fashion as the rest of the things around in the world. There are a few frames that dominate the market these days:

The Oversized: These are the big glasses frames which gives a funky look but just be sure it’s not unflattering to your face shape.

The Rimless/Square Look: Mostly known as “Sarah Palin” glasses, they give a very professional look. It is ultra-modern and compliments almost every face structure.

The Geek Chic: It’s the hottest trend of 2013 mostly followed by ladies, this has big lumpy plastic frames usually worn during casual occasions and Johnny Depp is quite the trend setter for this.

The Raising Eyebrows: A stylish frame just designed for women, it has a very fascinating work at the top crafting a distinct brow line, with a special color or thicker frame.

Switching over to contact lenses now which do not offer variety in form of shape, size, etc. but they do have some classification based on usage and color.

Disposable contact lenses: They are used for short term extending from two weeks to three months and are worn during waking hours only.

Extended-wear contact lens: They are precisely designed to provide required oxygen to eye during sleep.

Hard lens: These are gas-permeable and have a fairly long durability time period of around two years.

In addition to the above classification lenses could be colored as well. Choosing colored lens would give you a bold and unique look, enhancing your appearance for special occasions.

Sporadic Uses of Glasses Frames

I thought that the basic usage of glasses frames were limited to being either an accessory or a fashion statement, in the form of sunglasses or as the corrective lens for far or long sightedness. But I came across a few rare utilities. Since I am a bike rider, most of the times when the speedometer crosses 60, I would suffer from strong wind swirling against my face which would forbid me to open my eyes completely. To prevent any unforeseen situations due to the same reason, I bought the motorcycle sunglasses. These special sunglasses comes with foam eyecup which protects the eyes from swirling winds and hence from drying, they also have a venting system to meet the circulating air requirements for the eye and concurrently very stylish. Wiley X and Panoptx 7 Eye are the top models.

I was unaware of the so called Polarized sunglasses until my uncle presented me one. The primary function of these glasses is to reduce the glares from surrounding objects which otherwise might diminish your visibility and comfort of watching. It’s very helpful to bikers, skiers, fisherman, etc. It helps to reduce reflected glare from water surface or long flat surfaces such as hood of cars. With the above encounters with rare uses of glasses frames, I also came across the pinhole glasses. These are made of opaque substances such as metal or plastic with many small holes in the material. The main purpose is to block the peripheral rays entering the eye which would else be responsible for refractive errors. As we enter into mid-forties, we are unable to focus, pinhole glasses is a simple and cheap solution for the same. It can also be used to prevent myopia, for cataracts, as sunglasses and as computer glasses as well. Moreover, you don’t have to buy a new pair unless the pinholes break completely, which is very rare. It would not surprise me if I come across other such sporadic uses of glasses frames.

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A vacation in the mountains

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Understanding how gratitude helped her heal

Unselfish love Free PhotoI was having a talk with my sister only the last day and I found out that how she has immensely healed her soul through gratitude. She has achieved the most difficult milestone. She did not only forgive the person who gave her pain, but she always had been thankful to her. Not many can forgive someone who gives pain, and only a very few can even be thankful. It was an important lesson that I learned the last day.

In fact gratitude has its own philosophy. When you are gratified it brings positive thoughts and feelings. These positive thoughts and feelings translate themselves in real life and bring happiness. On the other hand if you do not express gratitude it gives rise to bad feeling in the mind of the benefactor which in turn gives you a bad turn of events.

About following the lesson, I remember that I have had my share of pain too. I have taken pain as well as given back pain in return. I have not returned pain with love, which is what my sister did. It is still difficult for me in fact to return pain with love. But, I am trying. Hopefully, someday I will be as wonderful as my sister is.

The immersing nature of attachment

Beautiful girl posing Free PhotoIf there is a good reason to be attracted, I would be. I find this true in so many aspects of my life. Especially true in a relationship, I completely immerse myself in the love stories that relationships are supposed to be. No, love stories are not always that rosy, I have found it out too. There are emotions like hurt, pain, jealousy etc involved in a love story as much as there are emotions like sweetness, trust, kindness and love. It is always a story of mixed emotions, love stories are. They are also quite immersing, to say the least. They occupy all of your mind and body in amazing feelings that you would not feel anywhere. Intense and absorbing, the story that you are into is the story of your life. I try to script my part in the best way possible.

In fact attachment and attraction form the very foundation of this universe. Matter is formed by the attachment of molecules. Molecules come in existence due to attachment of atoms and atoms due to the attraction of neutrons and protons etc. Evolution of this universe has become possible due to the attraction of negative energy towards the positive one. So, I am immersed in love and attachment.

Detachment is beautiful, but it has its perils

Yellow Foam Floats Free PhotoDetachment from the illusion of having owning something is a consuming emotion. What I think I own is only a transient plaything that I have, as everyone has to leave the world someday. Nobody takes anything from this world when he dies. This is the basis of my detachment. I find it a beautiful sentiment, but I am also balanced towards the perils of such feelings. Too much detachment can make one lose track of the fun that the world is. Attraction is acquired from attachment, so there should be a balance between detachment and attachment. I realized that unless this balance is reached, I would find myself in abject confusion. The confusion is still somewhere there I think, but I am definitely working on resolving it. The life path I have chosen is that of confusion. One of my friends is of the view that my confusion will ultimately take me to fusion with my inner self.

He may be true because this world is full of contradictory things. Law of attraction governs this whole world. Without this law of attraction existence of matter is not possible; even human evolution is not possible. But in real world we find lot of detachment. No one cares for the other. Love is lost.