Future Killer Futuristic Longboard by Rayne

This Design for the Future Killer Longboard is really breath taking and could come strait out of a Scifi Movie.

The blue and purple are bright and the design is provocative.

The colors are vibrant and the use of the black background make this design really pop.

Rayne did an awesome job and the result is great from a design as well from a riders point of view.
Hope there will be more like this added soon to the Rayne Longboards collection.

Elegant Pintail Longboard Design

Sometimes simple is just right. It can give a very elegant result like in this Crimson Pintail Longboard.

The shape of a Pintail longboard is a classic design anyway, so why not also stick a great timeless design pattern on one of these boards.

stella12This one from stella longboards ( http://longboardsusa.com/longboards/girls-longboards/pintail-longboard-stella-crimson-42-complete/ ) is a great example and very classy.

The details are exquisite and create a design which can be place in the ’80 as well in into 2015 and beyond.

Great piece of work.


The Fox is on the Board

Wow, came across this cool looking drop through longboard  with a intricate designed fox.

This is very cool and was a great job from a design brethren.


Ehlers GFX 42 inch Drop Through Cruising Longboard

Definitely something someone spend a lot of time on. The GFX is a sleep board and the fox is just out of this world. if anybody know the designer, please let me know so I can congratulate him/her in person for the magnificent piece of work on the is much enjoyable longboard.


A Jaw-dropping Drop Down Longboard Design

Here a brilliant design from a colleague of us for a great drop down longboard from Stella Longboards.

This work is elegant and stylish at the same time. A very fluid line flow through this design.

Stella Ornate drop down Longboard

The use of subtle colors makes this extra powerful. Not over the top, not bleak, just the right usage of the color palette on this drop down.

Drop down’s are extra difficult as the deck is not flat but curved to get a lower point of gravity and get the rider closer to the ground.
This creates a very stable riding board, however it is an extra nightmare to make a design that’s not warped due the curved shape.

This one is very inspirational and absolutely jaw-dropping from an esthetic point of view. The staggering simplicity combined with the elegant font makes this one a winner in my book. This is the drop down longboard you want to adore and display, maybe ride but that would be second to me.