Madrid Longboards

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Looking for an awesome Madrid Longboards?

Longboards USA has all the longboards from Madrid and we have information about the Madrid longboard brand. A well-known brand and company with high-quality longboards and skateboards and it has been around for years. Professional racers love the boards as well as beginners, intermediate and advanced skaters.

Madrid started with skateboards in a garage and evolved into a big company that also makes many longboards nowadays. Every year new designs and graphics are made by professional racers and staff. The designs of the boards are updated when needed.

Several categories are used to distinguish the boards.
You will find Carving, freeride, premium freeride, downhill, midgets, retro, basic and street & pool longboards and skateboards.

Madrid started as a skateboard company but evolved into longboards as well. You cannot go wrong with a Madrid longboard or skateboard since they are high quality and tested and made right here in the USA.

The longboards are durable, sturdy, stable, and well designed. You can count on a high-quality, well-made longboard you can ride for years!

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